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These photos are frame captures from video and are jpeg compressions. They should download fairly rapidly (about 34k total)

Stone Skipping Video Stills
interesting egg with stone skipping on its surface Interesting effect of a stone skipping across a 3D solid (egg).


kids with warm-up skips Practice at the NASSA World Championships.


event scoreboard The Official NASSA Scoreboard. Posting standings at the World Championships. Only the top five skippers in each of 10 Divisions makes it into the World Championship Finals.


band on stage The Christine Albert Band, one of the groups entertaining at the World Championships. Christine has delighted the stone skipping crowds at three championships. Return performers at NASSA events include: The Wimberley Volunteer Fire Ant Band, Eric (Hokkinnen)and Eric (Moll), and Gary P. Nunn and the Bunkhouse Boys.


world record skip One frame of the Guinness World Record stone skip on the Blanco River in 1992. The record was not confirmed nor entered into the Guinness Book of Records until the 1994 edition.



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