Rocky River Ranch Camp for Girls
Making Jerdone Eco-Stones (tm)

The Jerdone Eco-Stone(tm) is an artifical clay based, pentagonal skipping stone. It is made from 100% natural products and dissolves back into 100% Earth Friendly natural minerals after sinking into the water. NASSA produces an Eco-Stone(tm) Making Kit, which comes with everything necessary to easily produce the Official Eco-Stone(tm) and then these stones are sun and/or air dried. The stones may also be personalized with water soluable paints, or written on with a toothpick. The standardized size and weight make skipping them a breeze and they fly like a rocket across the water.
The Eco-Stone(tm) allows for stone skipping activities at summer camps where they have neat water, but no flat stones. Also, it permits NASSA to hold tournaments at locations which may not have flat skipping stones, as well.
Making and skipping the Eco-Stone(tm) is EASY, FAST, and FUN.....

Making Jerdone Eco-Stones (tm) with campers at Rocky River Ranch Camp.

Stones are cut out of pure potter's clay, then sun dried.

Skipping the Eco-Stones(tm) on the Blanco River.

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