July, 1997

Filming 'Record Breakers Show' for BBC-TV

A crew of four arrived at my cabin in the Texas Hill Country on the 20th of July, 1997, to begin filming for the BBC-TV show, Record Breakers. The shoot turned into a grueling two days which were rewarded with some traditional Hill Country leisure time, swimming, floating, eating, and relaxing. Below are some pictures that we took during the two days.

Jerdone looking over the script with the Director, Sion Taylor.
Jerdone looking over the script with Director, Sion Taylor.

Jerdone and crew studying the script.
Script re-writes....? With Presenter, and crazy man Dan Roland, and cameraman Mark McCauley from Ireland.

Shooting from a makeshit 'boat'.

Carefully filming from a boat.

Getting shots from a makeshift 'boat'.

Skipping at the Blanco River.
Skipping on the Blanco River with the cameraman on top of the bridge (arrow).

Dan trying his hand at the camera.
Dan sneaking in for a shot.

Goofing around before dinner.
Goofing around after a LONG day, before going to town for dinner. Courtney, my assistant during the filming, justifiably too tired to hold her head up.

We all had great FUN, even though it was a lot of work for a 5 minute 'feature story'. Broadcast time has not been set, as of this writing, however I will announce the showtime on this site when I find out from London. Even though I will not get to see the broadcast, they have promised me a copy of the show from which I will post stills here on this site when received.

NOTE: The BBC's Record Breakers show segment filmed in Wimberley has aired in the UK several times. I do have a copy of the show and will, at some point, try to get it up on this site. - Jerdone

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